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Mendo Lake Family Life

Bend & Breathe with Trees

Many people turn to yoga, meditation, and nature to cultivate a sense of calm and renewal. The Wild Family Yoga Retreat combines all three relaxing remedies and offers them to kids as well as adults. Besides bending and breathing, the campout, which will be held on Alia Vita Camp's 25-acre Cobb Mountain property, will also include a kid-friendly concert, goal-setting practices, a bonfire, and, of course, s'mores. The retreat is slated for June 7-9 and will be held at 12475 Hwy. 175 in Middletown. Registration is $75 for adults and free for two kids younger than 16 per paid adult. Email [email protected] for further details. Register on Eventbrite (search on "Family Yoga Retreat").