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MCHC Health Centers Mendocino and Lake Counties

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MCHC Health Centers Mendocino and Lake Counties

MCHC Health Centers
Lake County, CA 95482

Looking for excellent healthcare in Ukiah, Willits or Lakeport? Contact MCHC Health Centers (

As a community-based healthcare provider serving people of all ages and walks of life, we are committed to helping you feel better by providing medical, dental and behavioral healthcare in Mendocino and Lake Counties.

We understand the vital role health care plays in helping you feel your best. Whether you need medical, dental or behavioral health care, you’re in caring hands at MCHC Health Centers.

We offer a broad array of services:

Primary Care 

Continuous healthcare for the entire family. As your primary care provider, we help you coordinate all your health care needs. If you need highly specialized care, we can refer you to the appropriate specialist — some of whom work on site.

Pediatric Care 

Specialized care for kids because every kid is special. When it comes to your children’s health, we understand that your first priority is knowing your little ones are well cared for. Our highly qualified team of pediatricians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants offer comprehensive pediatric medical care. Whether we’re working with newborns, toddlers, school-aged children or teens, we care for the whole child—and help you do the same.


Our dental team provides general dentistry, including cleanings, fillings, extractions, and dentures. We also offer some specialty programs for pregnant women, the developmentally disabled, and those with HIV.

Behavioral Health
Counseling for change, hope and help. We support patients with problems caused by stress, mental illness, chronic health conditions, and the challenges of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our counseling and psychiatric services help you go in the right direction one step at a time.

Obstetrics and Women’s Health (Care for Her)
A Unique Approach to Women’s Health. Our Care for Her service offers a full range of obstetrics and gynecological services for women in all stages of life. With expertise and compassion, our team of board-certified OB/GYN physicians, certified nurse midwives, women’s health nurse practitioners, counselors, nurses and health educators work with you to meet your healthcare needs.

Financial Support
You deserve healthcare. We’re here to help. We have a team of financial counselors ready to help you find an insurance plan that best fits your circumstances. We are happy to assist you with the application process and explain how the plan works.We accept Partnership, Medicare, Medi-Cal and other types of insurance, and we offer a sliding fee scale for those without insurance. Patients who wish to pay in cash are also welcome; payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements are made.

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MCHC HEALTH CENTERS-HILLSIDE 333 Laws Ave., Ukiah (707) 468-1010
MCHC HEALTH CENTERS-DORA STREET 1165 S Dora St., Ukiah (707) 468-1015
MCHC HEALTH CENTERS-LAKEVIEW 5335 Lakeshore Blvd. Lakeport (707) 263-7725
MCHC HEALTH CENTERS-LITTLE LAKE 45 Hazel St., Willits (707) 456-9600

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