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You’re Not at Your Parenting Best. And That’s OK

By Melissa Gibson

Yes, it’s true. These next several days, weeks, months (?) probably aren’t going to reflect your best parenting moments. And you know what? That’s OK. In fact, I expect that. I am hoping my family expects that out of me, too.

Because quite honestly, I can’t give this my everything some days. And what I mean by “some days” is all days.

I’m too frazzled. Aren’t you? Every time I turn on the TV, there it is. If I hop on social media, there it is.


So here’s the deal: Whatever situation life has thrown at you? Let’s bring that down a notch or seven.

If you’re now a stay-at-home parent quickly turned homeschool teacher? You are allowed to just get by. We all have permission to not do those Pinterest-worthy crafts or science experiments or amazing outdoor activities. This is hard enough as it is. Let’s not let social media tell us what we should be doing. I mean, am I really going to use up all of my patience putting on puppet shows and fancy tea parties?

That’s a hard no.

Maybe your office has closed and you’re now a work-from-home parent who is also trying to homeschool. Plus, there’s a good chance you don’t even have a designated workspace at home because, well, it was too hard to get your office desk in the back of your Honda. I see you standing at your kitchen counter with your computer. I see you trying to sort out the dinner routine while you’re on a conference call. There you are, on the carpet of your bedroom surrounded by Shrinky Dinks and crushed up goldfish. Or hey, you could be crying in the shower, your first in three days. To you I say: It’s OK if your child has too much iPad time right now. And it’s even perfectly fine if he isn’t playing some educational game.

Life keeps throwing all of us the fastest and curviest curveballs ever. We are certainly going to swing and miss some of them. Heck, I’ve missed nearly all of them in the last week. The idea, however, is to not stop swinging.

Do your best today. Wait, no. Your “best” might be too exhausting. Do what you can today. Then wake up tomorrow and do it again.

Also, can we set the bar a bit lower on activities for our little darlings? Almost all of us simply can’t keep up.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a long-time homeschooler, a dad who has been forced to work at the kitchen counter (or the linen closet), or suddenly an out-of-work parent, it is OK to just get by right now.

This is not our finest hour.

And remember this: While it’s OK if your child is spending a lot of time of the iPad, don’t give her access to Pinterest. She might start pinning like mad, and we don’t need that drama in our lives. 

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