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The “Put Your Clothes in the Hamper” Challenge

In an attempt to break the deafening silence during breakfast, I began a conversation.
“So I saw a meme . . .”

Laughter erupted from my twin teens.

“It’s pronounced meem, not mehm.” My teen daughter corrected me.

(Just for the record—I’m not alone. There is an entire article written about how to pronounce the word.)

I didn’t let laughter or mispronunciation deter me. If I did, I would never communicate with my teens.

“Anyway, as I was saying, I saw a meme that said, ‘If some YouTube star could create a Clean Your Room Challenge or even a Put Your Clothes in the Hamper Challenge that would be awesome.’ What do you think? Are you interested in taking her up on her idea?”

Eyes rolled. “Yeah, whatever Mom.”

My twins may not be up for the challenge, so I’m going to put the call out to the rest of the entrepreneur teens out there. Take the meme and run with it. Here are some ideas.

Clean Your Room Military Style Challenge

Actor: Military drill sergeant

Opening Scene: I suggest a ‘”before” scene of a messy room. My daughter might provide the setting. Her room has all the essentials: clothes on the floor, drawers left open, and, of course, an unmade bed.

Challenge: Get your room clean enough to pass a military drill sergeant’s inspection.

End Scene: The teen—my daughter, again, would be great for this—transforms the messy room into a spotless oasis. The camera pans to the drill sergeant bouncing a quarter off the bed, and me (or another mom) beaming a smile.

Put Your Clothes in the Hamper Challenge

Actor: Physical trainer. I would recommend Sean T from the Insanity workouts. He really knows how to whip people into shape.

Opening Scene: Again, feel free to use my house. You can take your pick of bedrooms or bathrooms. Both boast a mountain of clothes on the floor.

Challenge: Place all clothes in the laundry hamper in fewer than five seconds without allowing any to touch the floor.

Training: Since this is a tough one and requires some strength training, Sean T would need to create a full workout plan, including lunges and arm extensions.

End Scene: Sean T runs his stopwatch while the participant (again, I volunteer my daughter) completes a set of challenging obstacle courses involving different-sized hampers and a variety of clothes.
This should be enough to get the ball rolling. I have plenty of other ideas, such as Cook

Your Own Meal Challenge or Do Your Own Laundry Challenge, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go pick up some clothes from the floor.

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