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Mendo Lake Family Life

We Honor Local Parents and Health Heroes

Parenting is hard. Throw a pandemic into the mix, and you’ve got some serious stress­—especially for the folks listed below, who are risking their lives to serve others.

Community members have nominated these parents to be honored in our pages for their work as health care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. To all of you from all of us at Family Life: Thank you for your service.

Christina Obenyah, who was nominated by Alice Langton-Sloan, has been serving as a nurse at Adventist Health. She and her husband are raising three children and also do volunteer work, bringing health services, water, and education supplies to a community in Africa.

Cynthia Mockel is a family nurse practitioner for MCHC Health Centers. She was nominated by Kelly Marie Lentz Hansen, who says Mockel “recently helped us through a family emergency. Though she didn’t have to, she came to the hospital to visit our daughter in person. She called us multiple times to see how our daughter was and helped translate what the…doctors were saying into information we could understand and act upon. She was invaluable.”

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