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Mindfulness Activities Help Kids Deal with Big Emotions

Editor’s note: We live in trying times and the Little Yogi Deck, by Crystal N. McCreary with illustrations by Andrea Pippins (Bala Kids, 2021), is an imaginative way to teach children of all ages how to calm emotions, balance their bodies, and focus their minds with mindfulness and yoga. The deck features 48 cards, which are organized into eight color-coded categories: anger, worry, excitement, sadness, joy, jealousy, shame, and peace. Each card gives kids a specific practice to help them manage a particular emotion. To offer additional support to parents, teachers, and caregivers, the deck includes a booklet that explains how the practices help children develop emotional intelligence.

Cards excerpted from the Little Yogi Deck: Simple Yoga Practices to Help Kids Move through Big Emotions by Crystal N. McCreary and illustrated by Andrea Pippins © 2021 Reprinted in arrangement with Bala Kids, a children’s imprint of Shambala,
Crystal McCreary is a yoga, mindfulness, and health educator, actor, speaker, and writer. Find her on Instagram @cmccrearyyoga.