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Three Rivers Charter School

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Three Rivers Charter School

1211 Del Mar Drive, Suite 301
Fort Bragg, CA Fort Bragg

REACH for your goals!

Respect | Empathy | Achievement | Citizenship | Hard Work

Three Rivers is a tuition-free public charter school serving students in grades 1-8. We focus on character education through our REACH Goals.

A small, family-centered learning community with multi-grade classrooms and dedicated teachers.

TRCS also offers:
after school program
integrated technology
full time teacher aides in each class
school counselor
music program

Students at TRCS are immersed in a culture shaped by the TRCS REACH values (Respect, Empathy, Achievement, Citizenship, Hard work), which empower TRCS staff to provide a safe and wholesome learning environment for all students at all times. As a result of these values, TRCS strives to:

• Awaken in students a sense of adventure in facing challenges
• Encourage students to become creative problem solvers
• Develop in students and staff an awareness of the importance and the habit of actively seeking to improve moral character for the good of the individual and that of the community
• Develop in students and staff a pride in academic excellence
• Awaken in students a desire to pursue higher education in technical schools and training programs, or colleges and universities
• Provide teachers and students with performance-based accountability systems
• Empower teachers to use different and innovative teaching methods while still adhering to the California State adopted Standards and the National Common Core Standards

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