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Mendo Lake Family Life

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Eagle Amp

5146 Old Redwood Hwy
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Eagle AMP is an exciting Character building alternative to day care!
Currently serving Santa Rosa, Mark West, Bennett Valley and Windsor School districts. *Coming soon to a school near you*

EAGLE AMP\'s shuttle vans pick up our students after school and transport them to our studio in North Santa Rosa for an afternoon of Martial Arts, Homework, and FUN!

We are a family business and we teach traditional Korean Tang Soo Do at a Certified "World Tang Soo Do Association" studio. Students first learn Self Discipline. Students do homework, play games, eat snacks, study safety, and grow in self control, self confidence and character everyday. We are NOT a Day Care Facility. Eagle AMP is structured like a Boys & Girls Club. Children are free to come and go.

The 7 Tenets of Tang Soo Do
Integrity, Concentration, Perseverance, Respect & Obedience, Self Control, Humility, Indomitable Spirit

The 5 Codes of Tang Soo Do
Loyalty to Country, Obedience to Parents, Honor Friendship, No retreat in Battle, In Fighting Choose with Sense and Honor