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Sebastopol Union School District

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At Sebastopol Union School District we support high academic achievement and the development of critical thinking skills. In partnership with families and our educational community we strive to create an environment where a love of learning is nurtured, diversity is honored, and all students are supported to reach their potential.

Core Beliefs

  • Honor diversity in all our students, people and instructional programs in order to better serve and educate our kids
  • Every child is capable of reaching his or her full potential as learners
  • Promote positive inter-relationships and partnership among staff, families and community in order to provide a quality education for our students
  • Encourage and support responsible volunteerism in support of the education of our students
  • Learning should be enjoyable so that both students and adults benefit from our educational mission
  • The arts are an integral part of the education of all children.

Three Year Goals

  • Develop strategies to increase the involvement of the local Hispanic community in our schools and across grade levels in order to provide better support and educational opportunities for Hispanic students.
  • Identify and finalize a process and timeline for the District’s grade level configurations and transition in light of the continuing decline in enrollment in our region.
  • Integrate the teaching of Spanish K-8 across all grade levels in order to build the foundation for a bilingual student body.
  • Ensure that student learning is the priority by which all decisions, programs, and expenditures are measured.
  • Increase student awareness, ability and accessibility to technology across our schools and subject areas.
  • Emphasize healthy co curricular opportunities for students beyond our core academic programs to include Fine and Performing Arts, Industrial Arts and Sports.