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La Vida Charter School

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La Vida Charter School

16201 Hwy. 101
Willits, CA 95490

La Vida Charter School uses a wholistic, child-centered approach to support parents in creating a developmentally appropriate and joyful education for their children. Culturally rich classes and curriculum support homeschool and independent study.

Member, Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.

Hear from our parents:

"She is happier and no longer dreads school."

"He is more confident and engaged, doing better academically."

"A whole new child. Enthusiastic about school this year."

"She's completely turned around, which will affect her whole life."

"He is Happier, excited to go to school and eager to excel."

Call for information: 459-6344 16201 N. Highway 101, Willits

La Vida caters to students who want an opportunity to pursue special education interests; students that need alternatives to the regular curriculum offered at traditional school; as well as students who have exceptional academic and creative talents and wish to participate in an in-depth program.

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