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River Oak Charter School

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River Oak Charter School

555 Leslie St.
Ukiah, CA 95482

Head • Heart • Hands

River Oak Charter School, located in the beautiful Ukiah valley, is a community of educators and families commited to guiding children toward a life-long love of learning, creative thinking, and a responsible and sympathetic interest in the world. We use a Steiner-based curriculum and serve over 240 students in grades K-8. Art, music, drama, storytelling, poetry, and crafts are woven throughout the curriculum. Our students learn with their heads, hearts, and hands, building on a foundation of creativity that grows with the child to balance imagination, critical thinking and academic excellence.

Our Mission​

River Oak Charter School strives as a dynamic community of teachers, parents, and students, to inspire in the child a love of life, and learning, beginning with one’s own heart, head, and hands, working towards making a contribution to the community.

Vision: River Oak Charter School is a Steiner-methods public school with a consistent philosophy, curriculum, and teaching method that embraces the developmental model of the growing child and awakens each child’s full and unique potential. Steiner-methods education nurtures a sense of wonder, and delight, and fosters the reverence for nature, and humanity inherent in the young child. Steiner-methods curriculum develops the child’s active will, creative imagination, and clear, independent thinking. Children emerge as young adults with the self-confidence to impart direction, and purpose to their lives, and leadership to their community.

Goals: River Oak Charter School respects, and appreciates all children for their unique ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and affords the opportunity to develop an understanding of all of the traditions, and cultures represented in the student population. Children emerge with academic excellence, a commitment to the enhancement of their community, and the ability to succeed today, and tomorrow.

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