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Willits Charter School

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Willits Charter School

1431 S. Main St
Willits, CA 95490

A Public School For The Arts & Sciences

Our Vision
Willits Charter School maintains high academic standards while respecting the unique qualities of all learners. Our commitment to teaching individual responsibility as well as compassion and respect for self and others motivates all of our educational policies and procedures. We encourage students to reach for new heights in learning and to embrace challenges as opportunities, seeking their own positive solutions and find personal fulfillment as a result of their efforts.

Our faculty, staff and board embody the school’s mission and vision providing both expertise and passion in their fields. We incorporate the arts, humanities, sciences and physical education throughout our curriculum at all levels. We are firmly committed to literacy and we encourage critical thinking in every subject.

Willits Charter School is a place where families are actively involved in the formal education of their children. We recognize that every stakeholder plays an important role in a student’s academic success as well as personal development, and we work cooperatively with families to ensure that success.

Our Mission
The mission of Willits Charter School is to enable students in grades 6-12 to reach their fullest potential by providing them with a high-quality, personalized education in a safe and supportive environment. We strive to inspire students to embrace their curious, creative nature and be self-motivated, competent, life-long learners. We encourage students to become productive citizens who respect themselves, others, community, diversity, and the environment.

Program Overview
Willits Charter School is an intentionally small, independent charter school serving grades 6 through 12. Like all charter schools, we are open to all who wish to attend, We do not charge tuition, teach religious doctrine, or discriminate in admissions policies. Our curriculum aligns with the Common Core State Standards and students participate in annual standardized tests (CAASPP, California High School Exit Exam and the California Physical Fitness Test). The original charter was granted in 1998 by Willits Unified School District and was unanimously renewed for 5 years in 2002, 2007, 2012, and again in 2017. Willits Charter School functions as its own school district and is not a part of the Willits Unified School District. Willits Charter School is a Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) fully accredited Middle and High School.

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