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Rental Solutions

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The Napa Valley is truly a one-of-a-kind place, brimming with beauty, culture and history. The residents of Napa County embody a unique dedication for supporting their local businesses. You express a high level of pride and care for your local economy. The owners of Rental Solutions recognize and appreciate this refreshing loyalty, and have invested their lives and resources into starting a new equipment rental company in the Napa Valley. Rental Solutions is located in American Canyon, CA, independently owned and operated by local people. Our friendly management and sales team are committed to providing you with a hassle-free environment for all your equipment rental and tools rental needs. Rental Solutions is open 7 days a week to service general contractors, landscapers, wineries, vineyard management companies and home owners. We have a large fleet of new and used equipment for rental and purchase. From auger rental to trench roller rental, from boom rental to ladder rental, from compactor rental to forklift rental, we have it all! We also provide rental equipment for many other categories such as camping rental, heater rental, sander rental, saw rental, trailers and many more. We also offer mobile repair service, parts and heavy transportation. We humbly desire the opportunity to earn your trust, dedication and support. Our mission is to provide the best local equipment rental service in the industry. We endeavor to support our customers to the highest degree. We promise every transaction will be handled with care, concern and fairness.