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Mendo Lake Family Life

KZYX & Z Radio Station

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When you listen to KZYX&Z, at least once an hour you hear the phrase:

You are tuned to KZYX 90.7 FM Philo

KZYZ 91.5 FM Willits and Ukiah

K201HR 88.1 FM Fort Bragg

Mendocino County Public Broadcasting

Listener Supported Community Public Radio

Yes, it is a mouthful, but you know what? It actually means something. So let’s take a little time to break down what it all means.

* “KZYX 90.7 FM Philo,KZYZ 91.5 FM Willits and Ukiah,K201HR 88.1 FM Fort Bragg”

These are our dial locations (frequencies) and call signs. Mendocino County is huge (larger than the entire state of Delaware) with hilly terrain, making nearly impossible to broadcast to the entire county with only one transmitter. So, we have three places where we broadcast from. That is why when you drive from one part of the county to another you have to adjust your dial to one of our three signals.

* “Mendocino County Public Broadcasting”

This is the formal statement of our corporate name. Some people don't think of us as a corporation, although we are a non-profit. The word corporation is just the legal definition which lets everyone know that KZYX&Z is a separate entity from its members in the legal sense of the word. This is important as it protects our members, plus gives the organization the ability to hold assets and make bylaws to govern its affairs. KZYX&Z is the combination of our two federally assigned call signs - KZYX and KZYZ. It's our creative shorthand that let's you know what you're listening to on the radio.

* “Listener Supported Community Radio”

This tells everyone that we broadcast to the beat of a different drummer. This phrase is the heart of what we are. We are radio that is non-profit and non-commercial. Our financial support comes primarily from our listeners and our community. We are community radio in the sense that our local programs are of interest to our local community. Those local shows are created and produced by volunteers in Mendocino County. KZYX&Z was created to foster community. We believe to do that we must have volunteers from the community talking over our airwaves about what is important to you, the listener.What you hear on KZYX&Z is determined at the local level, not by some faraway corporation calling the shots to sell more advertising.

Finally, there is an important distinction that we like to make when talking about our community radio station. KZYX&Z is really unique. Sure we have one-of-a-kind programming, and we stand behind what we put over our airwaves, but there is even more that sets us apart. Occasionally you will hear someone refer to us as