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NorthWest Insurance

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NorthWest Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency, with 10 offices located throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon. Our community based approach puts experienced professionals in local offices, combining the personal attention of a neighborhood agent with the resources of a large firm.

Like almost everything else in today's world, insurance is changing. The smaller agencies of the past simply lack the purchasing power to access large carriers who compete to provide the broadest range of services at the lowest possible rates.

At NorthWest Insurance, we continue to respond to these changes by growing in a way that combines the best features of the old and new. Our approach is to purchase and then continue to operate small agencies with deep roots in their communities. By doing so, we offer our clients the advantage of mass purchasing power, while still maintaining the local orientation that lends continuity and tradition to each community.

Though we have been expanding both our geographical scope and services for three-quarters of a century, we still pride ourselves on the personal, client-centered approach that is at the heart of our business philosophy. Whether you require simple one-time insurance or a complex package of long-term business and personal coverage, you can rely on attentive, knowledgeable service tailored to your individual needs.