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Redwood Community Services

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Redwood Community Services

631 S. Orchard Avenue
Ukiah, CA 95482

REDWOOD COMMUNITY SERVICES, INC. (RCS) is a non-profit and nonsectarian agency that provides specialized care and services to foster children and their families, and is the largest provider of Foster Care and Children’s Mental Health Services in Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties.

Incorporated in October 1995, RCS began as a Foster Family Agency with a vision to grow and expand services to provide a total “Care Package” of support to children and families in our communities. RCS has grown into a multi-program ‘Family Services Agency’ expanding services to provide a comprehensive continuum of care in an ever changing foster care system.

Our Mission…

To improve the lives of  children, youth and families by providing community support and quality therapeutic services.

Our Values…

  • RCS believes that through staff commitment and providing a sense of community we will assist our children, youth and families to build positive relationships and lead meaningful lives.
  • RCS strives to help our children, youth and families gain power in their lives, believe in themselves and ultimately trust others enough to give and receive love.
  • RCS is committed to developing programs that ensure our children’s, youth’s and families’ long term success.

Our purpose is to provide placement, permanency, counseling, and community service options for foster children and their families. RCS provides living arrangements and support services to children in need of emergency, temporary, or long-term placement. We work closely with placing agencies, therapeutic staff and foster parents; and where deemed appropriate, the biological family, to provide for a family sensitive, child focused, strength based approach to care in the home, school, and community where our children and youth reside.

It is our goal to strengthen families and empower our communities’ most vulnerable children through programs and services that benefit in building a healthy and whole community… one child and one family at a time.

With our rapid growth of services it was imperative to include a Quality Assurance and Improvement System as part of our administrative staff. RCS is committed to Best Practices and was accredited in 2005 through the California Alliance of Children and Families. The standards for accreditation reach beyond the licensing requirements for the State of California.

Redwood Community Services (RCS) is a culturally diversified agency that is committed to providing cultural competent services and employment to the community in which we live. RCS does not discriminate based on age, sex, religion, color, ethnicity, and disability; in fact, RCS embraces the cultural differences that make each and every person unique. RCS is in the service of bringing people together and healing relationships through our work with children. By recognizing and embracing the diversity of children and youth that we serve, we create a community that is more aware and accepting of the differences in all of us, in a broader sense.


RCS is accredited by the California Alliance of Child and Family Services (CACFS) in meetingstandards for excellence in Residential Care, Foster Family Agency, and Family Based Services (Mental Health, Case Management). Initially certified in 2005, RCS was re-certified on February 3, 2010 in providing programs and services to the children and families we serve.

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